In the past, around 30 years ago, we have propagated the Secret Religion under the name of Secret Buddhism. However, we have gone beyond Buddhism to effectively initiate people of all faiths, allowing them to pray to their religious leaders in the initiation ritual, usually in five to 10 minutes, many people have received the supernatural force, have opened the third eye, or have experienced astral body traveling among other extraordinary feelings, sensation of smell, vision, auditory...etc..

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This is the sacred Yantra representing the five Buddhas at the five corners of the universe.

Vairocana Buddha or supreme ruler is in the center, Aksobhya Buddha is in the East, Ratna Sambhava Buddha is in the South, Amitabha Buddha is in the West, and Amogha Siddhi Buddha is in the North. Five armies of heaven, composed of Deities, saint and Gods, surround the five Buddhas. The Yantra represents the five branches of all religions in the universe: The Buddha's Way, the Immortal's Way, the Saint's Way, the Deity's Way and the Human's Way.
        In the past, Buddhist masters have passed this scroll from hand to hand among themselves over thousands of years. The Secret sect from the South has used it to transfer the Mind Seal. In the formal tradition of Cambodian Buddhism, it is only verbally transmitted to the highest ranked Buddhist monk.
        The Cambodian Secret Buddhism called this scroll Pracul Consatte (Buddha's magic), Praculkia Tha (Kung Fu Buddha), and Sadatte Kia Tha (King of Magic and Kung Fu). At the present time, by Heaven's orders, the Buddhist masters are giving out this scroll to prove the existence of God and thus help people balance their material and spiritual life. This helps to provide the right key for anyone who really wants to understand the subjects in Mysticism relating to the physical existence of humanity, i.e. the laws of heaven, the operation of God's will or the "wordless" Sutra.


The Initiation into the Mysteries Ritual that we provide below will enable anyone, to contact the Higher Beings according to one's own faith and from there to learn about the supernatural realm's principles.

To experience the spiritual supernatural power, simply follow these steps:

        1. Stand before the image of Buddha, God, the Bible, the Buddhist Sutra, the  sacred Yantra above,  or the spiritual leader of one's faith and join your hands to pray that you wish to learn the ways of the saints and the sages and  promise to observe the religious precepts: not to kill (except in self defense), not to steal, not to have sexual misconduct, not to lie in order to harm others and not to drink excessively.

        2.  Put the hands at the forehead level (without touching it), and continuously recite the name of God, Buddha, Jesus or any other spiritual leader's name. In five to thirty minutes, you will feel an external force that either moves your arms, or forms Mudra with your fingers; -your hands may be moved apart, up or down;  your body may be bent into postures of paying respect to Buddha, Jesus or other spiritual leaders. Keep praying silently and continue to further experience the Holy force. You are fully conscious during the process.

        3. If you want to stop simply relax your hands.

        4. If you want to experience more of the holy force, join your hands and pray as mentioned before. Gradually, you will be taught the eighteen forms of Shaolin Kung Fu, aesthetic exercises, oriental or western dances, Yoga exercises, Qi Gong energy, meditation, etc. depending on your abilities and interest.

        From 1974 to present, more than five thousand adults have practiced this Secret Buddhism in Vietnam.
        In the past two years, more than one hundred children under the age of ten, men and women over sixty years of age have practiced Secret Buddhism in the United States. Some have had 'out of body experiences', others have had an opening of the 'third eye', or the experience of 'speaking in tongues'.

        Following the first experience with the holy force, Christians may continue to live by the Ten Commandment of God, and by the teachings of the Bible. Buddhists of the Pure Land School may continue to pray to Amitabha Buddha, chant prayers of repentance and observe the religious rules as they are normally accustomed to. Practitioners of other sects continue to live by the precepts of one's religion. All will gradually experience many supernatural experiences and discover many supernatural principles depending on their commitment and devotion to the Way of virtue.
        This Yantra is sacred. One must show sincere respect and should not joke about it. It will not be good for the blasphemer.

 (Quintessence of Esoteric Buddhism- (Special Chapter) by Scholar Triệu Phước)