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Chimdada’s senior, a monk at a Cambodian monastery in the west of South Vietnam had told one of Old_Guru’s disciples about an exorcism performed by Chimdada on behalf of a General’s son from ThaiLand. The event stirred up much excitement and people gathered to the place to watch including Thai policemen.
During the process, Chimdada had poured boiling water from a basket over the possessed person, thus delivering him from the evil spirit.
When Old Guru met Chimdada, he asked Chimdada to clarify the story and was told that the water that Chimdada poured over the person was actually not hot at all. He confirmed that the possessed person was the son of a Cambodian General who lived in Thailand.
Based on this story, Old Guru will briefly talk about the principles of exorcism:
1. The exorcist must have the ‘Official Seal’ (or license) from Saints or Deities and must be knowledgeable in the field of metaphysics. The methods used to exorcise varies between different schools of mysticism, sects or faiths: some exorcists use a rattan rod to whip into thin air whilst chanting some mantra. Some use ritual hand gestures (Mudras) to fight the spirit from a distance. Some use foliage (small branch with leaves) that they dip in water and sprinkle over the person’s body.
All of these methods as well as others can be used make the evil spirit scream and beg for forgiveness and finally leave the person. However, it is stricly forbidden to beat the physical body of the possessed person in order to drive the devil out.

2. Do not attempt to exorcise spirits if you are not an expert in the esoteric field. Do not use images of Buddha, Jesus Christ, including mantras, yantras or any magic spells to suppress the evil spirits. They may attack and chase after you and causing you to lose face.
3. You must know whether the involved spirit is a Saint, Deity or an entity from the lower realm, If it is a spirit from a deceased then ask if there are any unsettled debts between that spirit and the family of the possessed person? And what does the spirit want?.
4. Do not mistakenly think that any one who practices magic, or who has a high and revered standing in their faith or religion will know how to perform exorcism. This includes professional exorcists (Thay may only have partial knowledge of it).

The following are a few factual examples:
- A spiritual teacher nicknamed Nước Lạnh (Cold water - because he uses cold water when he exorcises) was struck very hard in the face by a hand gesture of the possessed person right in front of the altar. Seized by anger the monk and two of his disciples knocked the possessed woman over, pinned her down and brutally beat her. In this way, they are actually beating the woman herself and not the evil spirit!

- Another monk, renowned for his success at performing exorcism, was very proud of himself thinking of himself as a virtuous man, being a strict vegetarian and eating only once a day at noon time. His disciples considered him as a living Buddha. Once during an exorcism, the possessed, a young girl, jumped into his lap. He was so angry and gave her a few slaps ( I guess that the spirit was having a good laugh at the monk: How come the Living Buddha be so afraid of sexual temptation and of losing his reputation that he would beat someone so brutally).
- An elderly abbot of a provincial monastery, not particularly adept at exorcism, had heard that the mantra in the Lankavatara sutra has supreme power capable of dealing with very powerful evil spirits, including the ones in the heaven’s realm. Armed with this knowledge the over confident Abbot started the exorcism ritual. He placed a tocsin on top of the possessed‘s head and repeatedly knocked on it while he chanted the Lankavatara mantra. Right in front of the altar the possessed person brushed off the tocsin with a gesture of his hand and cursed him: ‘how much virtue do you have that gives you the right to place this tocsin on my head?! ’ (this is so embarrassing for the Abbot as there were about 30 disciples who stayed over after they had finished reciting the Buddhist scriptures in the evening).

- Pope John Paul II was performing an exorcism a few years ago. The possessed was a Catholic girl (this was after the time when the Catholic Church announced the forming of a committee to revise exorcism rituals). The Pope invoked the name of God to order the spirit to leave the girl’s body. The devil mocked the pope, saying: “Not even your church (head) can send me away.” (source: http://www.angelfire.com/ky/dodone/EXO.html)
- The press has also written many articles about exorcists from various faiths because of their anger during the exorcism - had killed the possessed and as a result had ended up in jail.
In summary, one has to be in a position of authority in the tangible or intangible world in order to deal with cases involving the law in this physical world or the world beyond.
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Pope performs exorcism on raging teen-age girl
By JOHN NORTON, Catholic News Service (from THE RECORD. Louisville, KY)

Pope John Paul II performed an impromptu exorcism on a teen-age girl who flew into a possessed rage at the end of an audience in St. Peter's Square, said the chief exorcist for the Diocese of Rome.
Rome's exorcist, Pauline Father Gabriele Amorth, said Sept. 11 that the pope spent more than half an hour praying over the girl and ordering a demon to leave her, but failed to fully cure her.
The girl, identified as a 19 year-old Italian with a history of possession, was in the front row at the pope's weekly general audience Sept. 6. As the pope prepared to leave, she began screaming incomprehensibly and speaking in a "cavernous voice," Father Amorth said.
As security personnel struggled to restrain her "superhuman" efforts to break free, Bishop Gianni Danzi, a top Vatican City official, alerted the pope.
In an area away from the square, the pope hugged this poor little girl, tried to console her, and promised that the next day, Thursday morning, he would celebrate his Mass for her," Father Amorth said.
Father Amorth was not present at the papal exorcism, but said he had performed an exorcism on the girl the previous day. Father Amorth said that after the girl met with the pope, Bishop Danzi and he performed another exorcism that lasted for two hours.

During that exorcism, the priest said, the demon mocked the pope, saying, "Not even your (church) head can send me away."

"This is a case where the possession is very, very strong," said Father Amorth, founder and president of the International Association of Exorcists.
"From what can be foreseen by us exorcists, it will take years of exorcisms" for the girl to be fully cured, he said.

The pope did not perform a full ritual exorcism, but Father Amorth said that ritual elements make only "the slightest difference" to an exorcism's effectiveness. "Many, many exorcists don't do the ritual exorcism, but limit themselves to praying and to ordering the demon to go," he said.

Father Amorth said the girl has been possessed since she was 12 years old and was sent to him for consultation by the exorcist of the Archdiocese of Milan, who had never dealt with such a severe case.

Bishop Danzi was unavailable to comment, his secretary told Catholic News Service. The Vatican's press office also declined comment.
Pope John Paul reportedly has carried out at least two other exorcisms in the Vatican: one in 1978 and one in 1982