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Hình ảnh
Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong offered incense at Thuong temple (Photo: VNA)

News from Internet: On King Hung's anniversary (the 5th of April), Party General Secretary Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong had visited Kinh Thien Sanctuary in Nghia Linh mountains and offered incense to pay tribute to the Kings and Vietnam’s legendary ancestors, praying for peace, prosperity and longevity of the nation and its people.

The above endeavor was proper and in accordance with both moral and religious laws because the Hung Kings are truly Vietnam’s Holy ancestors who were mistakengly referred in a figurative sense by people oblivious to the metaphysical world as: Sacred soul of river and mountain.

The author of “Nominations of the Gods” , an enlightened Taoist with deep understanding of the Super Realm had also stated in his book that Goddess Nu Wa went to the Hoa Van palace to pay tribute to the three Divine Emperors: Fu Xi, Shen Nong and Huang Di (The first three Sovereigns of China)...” And according to the celestial hierarchy, Sage Kings become Saints after their death (foolish and sinful kings are punished instead). People with great contributions to the country become local gods, therefore it is more specific to call the Hung Kings as our Holy Ancestors" instead of some Sacred soul of river and mountain.”

Up until now, Heads of States believed they had the Mandate of Heaven to rule, and were sons of the Heavenly GOD. That’s why Kings with the approval of Heaven's court could actually deify his Generals and Mandarins posthumously. Throughout the history of nations and that of Vietnam in particular, there have been many Saints, Gods reigning from the North to the South. This is an obvious truth, proven by the epiphanies (miraculous apparitions) of Nguyen Trung Truc deity, Saint Tran, Thoai Ngoc Hau Deity, the Holy mother Lieu Hanh etc.... while most people, ignorant of the spirit world used to simply think of deities as legendary characters.

Although the ceremonial prayer to the Hung Kings was suitable and justified in principle but it didn't produce the expected result. The reason is that the nation’s ancestors, despite their sainthood, still have to obey and act within GOD’s laws, and that only GOD and the Heaven’s Court have the necessary power to reduce or increase a person or a nation’s karmic debt or blessings. Therefore praying to the holy ancestors was just the first step; the next step should be a ceremonial prayer to the Heavenly GOD and conducting that ceremony must be the Head of State, according to the following principle:

Principle for Ceremonial Prayers:
There must be an initial ceremony invoking the Holy ancestors, the nations’ Saints and gods. Being deities, the ancestors understand Heaven's laws and the good and bad Karma of the people will reveal through ten people who served as mediums, the Heaven's conditions and what should be done to get Heaven's approval.
The mediums must be the spiritual practitioners who have the true ability to communicate with the Divinities. The reason to have ten mediums is to prevent any one medium mixing in his/her own opinion as a revelation. The information given by the Holy Ancestors to each of the ten mediums should match each other, or a common denominator will be selected among the revelations.

The next step is to conduct another ceremony to present the petition for the country from the Head of State, in which acceptance of the recommended Heaven’s conditions should be clearly stated. Then the ten mediums will pray to receive either a positive or a negative answer from the Heavenly GOD in regard to the petition.

The ceremonial Prayer to Heaven is an extremely important course of action, hence it cannot be slovenly entrusted to chiromancer, fengshui master, hypocrite monks and priests in organized religion, sinful religious having no magical abilities and practicing only outward and pompous forms of religion, arrogant practitioners who boast of psychic power but can't even communicate with the divinities, and who are only best at deceiving people.

Should these phonies have the foolish ambition to set up an altar and pray for the nation's important affairs, they will sooner or later cause the anger of the wrathful gods who will bestow even more calamities to the nation for their crimes of demeaning the deities and offending Heaven.