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Gặp Phật Tại Thế by Anbình on 18 Feb 2014 - translated by Silly92, edited by Horangi

Thachanhtrang wrote:
….The deities explained: “Grandmaster is a Buddha who was sent to the secular world by the Heaven to become its representative”

Up until now the Buddha title in traditional Buddhism has been misleading people into thinking that Gautama Sidharta Sakyamuni is the Supreme Being, the unique perfected one, the Truth and even one who is higher than the Creator although it was clearly written in Mahayana Buddhists sutra that there were many Buddhas in the three existences and in the Ten Directions to imply that Sakyamuni was not the only buddha in this universe but just one among others.

In Vu tru huyen bi (mystical universe) forum we had defined the title 'Buddha" as the highest achievement for spiritual practitioners, which is comparable to a secular doctorate degree, a Ph.D in various studies.
Religious devotees only need to cultivate realization of the Truth, then teach it to others, and having fulfilled all teaching credentials and field experiences they will achieve Buddhahood, like lay people who persevere in their studies will eventually graduate with a Ph.D.
Although achieving the Buddha title or a secular Ph.D. is hard to do but many people was able to succeed. There are not just one but many people with a Ph.D in every country; as there were senior Ph.D, there will be Ph.D juniors; as there were ancient Buddhas, there will be Buddha in the present and future, just as Sakyamuni Buddha said: "I have become Buddha already. All sentient beings will become Buddhas in the future."

Recently thachanhtrang, thànhtâm, Hoàng Mẫn and other religious friends have had revelations about Grandmaster after practicing Secret Buddhism for some times. These revelations are for them to confirm articles previously posted about people with merits and virtues such as the Venerable Monk Leader of the Cambodia Buddhist Sangha, and mystic religious practitioners Son Ngoc Dieu receiving revelations about Grandmaster thirty two years ago.

While on this subject, I would like to share some other revelations that Grandmaster had received thirty two years ago:

-- Through Venerable Thích Viên Đức:
Grandmaster had visited Venerable Thich Viên Đức about three times to receive esoteric sutras, and the Sacred Seal...Once, Venerable ThichVienDuc saw a mole at Grandmaster’s forehead and said to him: "That mole was the mark made by the Ten Directions Buddhas".

-- Through Venerable Thich Tu Hue:
Master Minh Dang Quang was the founder of Vietnam Mendicant Sect; his disciple was Venerable Thich Tu Hue. One time, Grandmaster and his group of esoteric practitioners visited Thich Tu Hue’s dwelling, the Chief Monk of the Mendicant sect. The monk was not there, having gone out to a medical meeting in the regional administration (as he was practicing traditional medicine). The Assistant monk and a young man who looked in his early twenties greeted him instead. The vice monk invited everyone inside and went to prepare tea while the young man sat down with the group and started a conversation with Grandmaster.
Grandmaster was noticing that the Assistant monk after serving tea for everyone, just stood beside the young man in a deferential and respectful manner toward the young man. Then when Venerable Thich Tu Hue came back, after greetings everyone, he also chose to respectfully stand next to the young guy while the latter was sitting comfortably and discussing the dharma with Grandmaster.
After a while, as it was getting late Grandmaster wanted to take leave and the youngster earnestly invited everyone to stay for the night. And when Grandmaster declined, the young man exclaimed: "What a pity! It is such a rare chance to meet with a Buddha in this world."

By the reverential attitude of Venerable Thich Tu Hue and the Assistant monk towards that young man, it could be understood that the latter was Master Minh Đang Quang’s incarnation, or that Master MDQ frequently taught the Dharma through him to his disciples, and that was why they considered the youth as their Master and respected him as such. His statement: “ It is such a rare chance to meet a living Buddha” was indeed spoken by Master Minh Đang Quang through the youth as a divine Revelation from a different esoteric sect.

Grandmaster heard the appellation of Living Buddha addressed to him but did not dare to believe it because by then he was just beginning his research of metaphysics, and also the term Buddha in Buddhism has been so severely misunderstood as stated above, and because of those reasons Grandmaster rarely disclosed this story with anyone for fear that people would think of him as a big talker.

By now as our religious friends had been well informed that “Buddha” is simply a ranking title of the Heavens similar to a Ph.D. of this world, Grandmaster allowed me to tell the above revelations. He said: “Once you understand the divine wisdom - the Buddha title itself is not that important”.